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PLAYDY is a gamified research project about casual, female gameplay. It's not yet another dissertation about the complicated premises of being a woman in the games industry; however, the literature review touches on some really great sources in that department.


More accurately, PLAYDY proposes new ways of marketing games to casual, female gamer audiences by looking into what gamer identification means for Gen Z audiences and how the industry can capitulate on that notion by reimagining what it means to be a gamer.


Through the construction of a lifestyle framework on Instagram, this practice research project was able to pinpoint and explore new marketing opportunities that bridge the gap between lifestyle and games — possibly strengthening casual gamer identification towards the future.  

PLAYDY, the research project, was turned into an app for a gamified reading experience. The video to the right shows your in-app mobile experience; hover over it for sound.


Get your copy of the research project here

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