A word from my therapist:

"Judith clearly has a lot of unknown psychological peculiarities making her incapable of mimicking social-normative behaviour. Unresolved issues with her cat might play a significant role in her identity and self-expression. More scientific research should probably go into the diagnosis of her slightly epileptic brain. Until then, she is absolutely harmless and weirdly competent in communicating on a human level." 

A word from my first employer:

"Judith is great. She made me tons of money! The girl is extremely enthusiastic with a hands-on attitude! She is an innovative thinker in her job and always looking for ways to optimise the workflow. Thriving under pressure, she still manages to keep her eye for detail and order when it gets busy. Besides, Judith is a real people person, and many clients stayed loyal to her, wherever she went. Judith will always be welcome here, and we have remained close friends, she still drops by the office weekly for a chat and a bite."

Disclaimer: My first employer owned a local grocery store.

I was a cashier then and still do my shopping there now. 

A word from my professors:

"For a person with two master degrees, she is surprisingly ridiculous."

A word from my Parents:

"Please give her a job, we're looking to retire.

Also, please marry her. We'll give you camels. And the cat. 

We could even throw one of her younger brothers in?"


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