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“Can you fit this carefully crafted 90 second TV film into a 15 second TikTok ad” is every social media creative’s second-worst nightmare (just after “landscape photos”), but that’s exactly what we did for The National Lottery’s multiple-award-winning Christmas campaign  
Using the popular online aesthetic of video collages, we managed to tell the simple story of boy-meets-girl in 6 seconds. 
And the more elaborate story of boy-meets-girl, boy writes number on lottery ticket, girl drops ticket in a puddle and muddles up the number on the paper, but faith brings them back together to celebrate the big win, in 15 seconds. 
But most importantly, we just managed to to create a beautiful piece of storytelling that feels both native and new on social platforms.  




Behind the scenes

Talent with Tom Hooper

Freezing, 4AM call time

A bit of fun!

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